A must see for anyone visiting scotland to get a true feel for the interior of the country. It’s all about Robert the Bruce. See where the famous man lived and fought. Go to Stirling Castle to see a magnificent vista for miles. Of course all castles are strategically placed to survey the land, but this one is extremely so. This valley is amazingly breathtaking and filled with history, and there is a river, so for a great escape inland this is the place to go.

The castle itself has been reworked and restored, much of the inside has been cleaned up and structured as it may have been. Historical re-enactors and guides are in many rooms to give life to the castle. It’s a great experience.

The town is a great place to walk and yes, filled with cobblestones and Wynds. I stayed in a converted school that was very close to the castle, the Stirling Highland Hotel. This was a very convenient place to stay, but if I went again I would try a B&B as I really like the intimacy of these places. And of course there is full Scottish Breakfast everywhere you go. I recommend that if you can afford it, doing a rental car since there is so much country to see. I braved it out and took public transport to a fabulous place I had seen in a few films and series, Doune Castle.


Doune Castle

This castle was featured in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Game of Thrones and Outlander. Terry Jones lends his voice to the historical tour and a sexy Scot named Sam Heughan from a little series called Outlander lends his comments as well in a soft Scottish burr that you can listen to while touring.

Stirling Highland Hotel Review