The capitol of Scotland, this medieval town has it all. And dolphins to boot. Filled with cobble stones and streets that are bridges in the air, you can find some amazing things here, above and below the streets. It has great festivals like the Fringe that takes up the month of August.  Walk the Wynds and Closes as they make for great city hiking, you can see much of the city from these small intimate streets and stair filled alleys. The Grass Market area boasts many good pubs and eateries and many hours can be spent in the area being entertained. Wear layered clothing as the climate can change in five minutes. Bring warm jacket and suncream.


You can’t really get lost in Edinburgh, just look for the castle and you can find you way back from anywhere in the city. All castles are built to be imposing, but this one just sits and sprawls.  The tours of the city are fun, but can range in offerings and quality. Make sure you read reviews of tours as many tours may promise a lot and not deliver. However, there are some fun adventures here like the underground tours and ghost tours, so do your research before you leave. Or better yet, find any of the online tours created by locals with a map or list of places you find interesting. I recommend following Travels with a Kilt on Twitter, for real Scottish travels and experiences. They cover every aspect of Scotland for travel.RoyalMile

Edinburgh has four great kirk yards, with many smaller ones dotting the landscape. I could not get enough of these elaborate momento to the departed, where families try to out do one another to show prominence through burial monuments. Many great examples of Victorian and older monuments to the dearly departed grace this city. A great feast for camera snaps.

Edinburgh is the home of Grayfriers Bobby, the faithful dog that would not leave its masters grave. It is asked that you not rub the statues nose for luck as this is wearing down the statue.


For fun on the hauntings that supposed go on here, check out, Welcome to the Most Haunted Graveyard in the World. Safety Not Guaranteed.

Edinburgh is an amazing city with so much to offer any tourist. There are a great many free things to do, plenty of great shops, and it boasts some great vinyl stores. I strongly recommend if you go during the Fringe next year that you plan your venues in a certain area, with a few hours between shows to go out and take in the sights. If it starts to get to be a bit much, there are plenty of escapes off the Closes or nature parks along the Leith area. Survival means join in the fray, then repose in a cafe, pub, or eatery. Then with the added excursions, you will cover every inch of this great city.

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