31576740382_5b6419083e_zLargest and capitol city of Ireland, this coastal gem is rich in history and culture. It is situated on the mouth of the Liffey river that splits the city. This encourages great walks down it’s banks as you spill into the many neighborhoods and districts of this much loved, Fair City. Each area has it’s own flare and to truly get to know them can take a few days. If you can manage to stay in Dublin for more than 48 hours, you will be well pleased.



The Quays Temple Bar 

Temple Bar

Here you will find The Icon Factory and other galleries. An area known for it’s night life, there are plenty of day time activities and places to convene. Cafe’s and galleries, and art house cinema at The Irish Film Institute. Don’t miss the Projects Arts Centre or the Gallery of Photography. Of course don’t forget to go to the pub, The Temple Bar, The Palace Bar and The Quays Irish Restaurant. Check out Kehoe’s for the real pub feel.

Best Bars and Pubs in Temple Bar

City Centre

Grafton Street

Some people travel to shop, or so it seems. Many a traveler spends at least one day per metropolis just shopping. This is the district in Dublin just for that. It’s a colorful contemporary and historical mix of shops and hotels, restaurants and entertainments. Mmmm, Butler’s Chocolate Cafe.

Things to do in Grafton

Georgian Dublin

Arbour Hill

Dominated by a cemetery, still a great place to go for a wander. There are 1916 Easter Rising burial sites here and a historic area. Dublin 7.

Dún Laoghair (Lerry)

Seaside town just outside Dublin, great for a coastal stroll. Museums for James Joyce and Maritime are here.

Rathmines, Dublin 6

Just south of the city centre, a place where many who first move to Dublin end up, students and artists.


Close to Rathmines and filled with cafes, bars, and life. Great place for a stroll, grab a lunch at the local cafes and enjoy Dartmouth Square.

Places to Stay, Accommodations

I always find that I want to stay in a place that feels more like what a local would live in. When staying at a city like Dublin, I usually go for a service apartment. Depending on tastes, there are plenty of places to stay, and I usually try to stay near a park or neighborhood district with access to public transportation.


Oscar Wilde Sculpture Merrion Square, Dublin

Best 5 Stars

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