Travel in the Time of Coronavirus-19


by Catherine Poh Huay Tan February 2020 

I haven’t been writing much about travel lately since sadly, we have all had to curtail our travel plans for the unseeable future. I will be writing a few articles on travel, which is considered necessary to travel and rethinking the staycation.

For now, please use social distancing practices while having your daily health walk or bike ride. Please wear a mask, even if you think you are too fast on a bike, don’t be foolish. Besides, it helps with the pollen.

Stay tuned for articles, but here’s some reading to keep you busy. Also, plan that trio you will take when this is over, that I Survived amazing trip.

If you are going on a plane for business or checking on loved ones, wear a mask and nitrile gloves.

The big question now, how much will it cost to travel post-COVID-19 as airlines mothball their fleets. Hotels may be cheaper to get business back, but it’s gonna cost to get there.

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