Belfast is a historically diverse and eclectic city. It’s historically one of the biggest shipbuilding behemoths of Europe, home of the shipyards that built the Titanic, the most tragic and beautifully engineered ships of a bygone era. Belfast has had it’s political upheavals, but now is a blossoming, burgeoning city with a huge tourist industry. And food and entertainment to match. It’s hard to choose a place to eat or drink, there are so many choices. Like any other city, museums run from large to small. Grand structures or small houses, there is something for everyone to enjoy. I always plan on at least one museum day where I can spend hours just absorbing history and art. Bonus: Most museums are free, donations appreciated. A great way to keep the touring budget down.

Listing of Free Attractions

Fan on Alternative? There Are Tours for That

Check out Culture Northern Ireland for alternative happenings in the area. Sometimes there are special guided tours. The tour that Terry Hooley, The Godfather of Ulster Punk, gave sounded like a hoot. Keep an eye out for other alternative tours that may happen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Culture Northern Ireland

Top 10 Budget Cafes and Restaurants in Belfast

Do you like quirk? I know I certainly do. Feed that out-of-the ordinary need through music, food tours, printshop tours, visit Narnia Gardens, and of course, Game of Thrones Tours.

Food Tours Who can pass on great foodie walks. Huge variety of eats in this is town, so bring a friends and sample the best of traditional and fusion foods.

Don’t forget the parks. Many cities have parks and Belfast has some great ones. Take a day to stroll the parks, see as many as you can in a day, then visit what sites are in between. I often do this after getting off the plane or train to stretch legs out a bit. It’s also a great way to get to know a city and you can see whatever sites are along the way. And think of the people you may meet, and the 4 legged variety as well.

Game of Thrones® Tour

I have to admit that this particular tour was the one big blast that I absolutely had to have for my time in Ireland. Having been a fan of the series since day one, when I found out tours to various sites used in filming were being included in a tour, I had to book.

Using, I booked with the Irish Tour Tickets company for their Game of Thrones Tour with a guide, Adrian, who has been an extra on the series and knows in depth trivia and information about sites used. We went to several locations including Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede bridge, two places I have wanted to see for many years. The tour was packed with fun, behind the scenes information and a great understanding of what it takes to get some of these sites ready for filming. Oh, and you better bone up on your GOT facts, because Adrian has a mean bus quiz for points on the last leg of the trip, with prizes. If you are an enthusiast and fan of the series, don’t miss this fun tour. Adrian has a lot of fun tidbits from BTS and will give you insight on what it is like to be an extra on such a big show.

Belfast Parks


GPS My City has a Belfast App, but GPS my city . However there are some free apps you may want to check out. Search for GaelGo in your App Store.



Unique words abound in every vicinity and town of the world. Start with this guide to get on the up so you don’t look like deer in headlights for more than a few seconds. Hey, it’s up there with Liverpudlian. I have had that thrown at me in a pub. Fun!


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Ulster Museum

SS Nomadic Ship Museum

The Naughton Gallery

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