Finding a place to stay that has a good reputation and in your price range can be a daunting task. Even with many review websites available, you can still get a really bad situation. How can you find really good places to stay in your price range? Check out sites like this, review the review sites, and then check out places like Yelp to see what people are saying. Know what you are willing to put up with if you have to be on a budge. My personal considerations are the bed needs to be right and the bath makes sense and just works. The rest is icing on the cake. And it’s safe to get back to at night.

Review sites worth looking at, but always read several reviews from are: While this site  boasts great real reviews, still read carefully. What may be great for one person is not for another. More professional reviews, professional travelers and writers. Not necessarily non-biased.

Silver Travel Advisor For those 50 and older that travel.

Holiday Lettings UK site covers UK and Europe

The following are places I have stayed in on my trips. These are real reviews after I have stayed at these lodgings. Most rooms are based on single to full size accommodations. If there is not a review, I have enjoyed the stay, just haven’t gotten to the review of the room yet.


The Gregory Belfast The Gregory: Belfast Accommodations

St. Jude’s Lodge Galway Nice and clean, remodeled room, heated floor.



Accommodations Review Edinburgh Braid Hills Hotel


Accommodations Glasgow Review: Fraser Suites and St. Enoch Apartment Service Apartments

Glasgow City Apartments Service Apartment Review

Argyle Western Inn West End, 6 Buckingham Terrace, Glasgow

Ambassador Hotel Same group as Argyle Western and Argyle Hotel


Stirling Highland Hotel Review


Traveling Alone?

Top Service Apartments and is this an Option for You

Check Out Street View Before Booking Accommodations