Travel News Roundup for June 2017


Thought I would round you up a few articles to get you going thinking on your travel plans and those yet to be made.

How to get some really good flights, strategies to search for what is a deal:

France seems to be the trend for travel this year:

And my current favorite topic: Laptop Bans, Phone Access. Contact each airline and TSA.

You should have already done this by now, but visa changes are happening in many countries:

What to Wear and Not Wear

Please, Act Un American When Traveling. Try Canadian.

According to this article, I should act more like a snob, not so friendly. Don’t bother people. So, why is it when I am in Scotland I can just turn to someone and we both smile and the words just come out and we are both bouncing? I guess it’s just Scotland. The Irish I have encountered pretty much do the same. Oh, wait, the guy was in Sweden.


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