Updates on Traveling with Devices, US Airports Rolling out New Scanning Proceedures


There are 10  US airports now following new enhanced testing proceedures for screening laptops and devices. You may have experienced the TSA rule in your airport that laptops must be in a separate scanning bin from your carry on. Most of us are used to this. But these are now being taking to another scanning platform away from you and your other scanned luggage possibly, it depends on their set up. Some are on the same conveyer belt. This isn’t new for many of us, but it is now being enforced at certain airports. This means anything larger than a cell phone must now go in the bin. Because of this, add a half hour more on to your pre flight check in, if not more. People having to physically adjust to this and fishing out devices will take up everyone’s time. If you have anything questions, call you airline or airport before you start packing.

If you are flying through these airports this summer, expect some more delays:

Boise Airport Idaho BOI

Colorado Springs COS

Detroit Metro DTW

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International FLL

Logan International Boston BOS

Los Angeles International LAX

Lubbock Preston Smith International LBB TEXAS

Luis Munoz Marin Intl San Juan, Puerto Rico

McCarran Intl LAS Las Vegas

Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl PHX



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