Laptop Travel Ban Expansion Imminent

Talks are underway with the US Government and airlines to extend the ban on carry on laptop ban to include flights to and from the UK and Europe. Not just coming in, but outbound flights. The goal being that nothing larger than a cell phone will be allowed in the cabin. Goodbye iPads and readers. You will have to pack them in the luggage and hope they don’t get damaged or stolen.

I just looked at my flight insurance coverage for the trip. $750.00 barely covers an iPad. It will never cover the loss of a good laptop. Not to mention the extra half to an hour it will take dealing with people who didn’t put their electronics in the check in baggage at the airport. Not to mention the concerns over large amounts of lithium batteries all in one cargo area, and potential danger therein.

Yeah, just in time for heavy travel season.

Here’s the latest on the talks, with no firm dates yet.

Ban on Flights from UK Airports

Ban For All Flights to and From Europe


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