Street Art Glasgow Interview

Rogue-one is a street artist from Glasgow in Scotland and also a very good friend. He has been mastering the art of spraypainting for over 20 years. His work ranges from stencils, characters, 3D artworks, canvases and to large scale productions. He’s by now one of the most famous and talented street artist in Europe. […]

via Interview with Rogue-One “Street Artist from Glasgow” — Street Art 360

5 thoughts on “Street Art Glasgow Interview

    • Yeah I had to do a share on this article, didn’t write it but it’s good to get the actual artist to speak up. Maybe you can contact Rogue One direct and see if you can talk him into it. Money is the thing as he/she will have to have a place to stay while creating. Could always do a indie booster crowd funding. Is there a street art council there? You could get one going and invite fav artists.

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