Cutting Costs: European Travel Money

So very true, my last set of charges after traveling got close to 200.00 when I added everything up. So be aware of charges in advance and any fees for keeping your Travel card on monthly after your travels. Will eat up any left over funds.

Caitlin Jean Russell

You’d be surprised by just how much extra you can cost yourself if you don’t plan how you’ll carry your travel money in advance. Charges can differ per ATM machine, by card or by currency, so it’s important to do some homework before setting off on your travels. This post will discuss both how to minimise extra charges for trips in Europe.

  1. Cash withdrawals: Whether or not you decide to go for a travel card (see below), if you’re using any sort of card to withdraw cash from ATM machine’s while in Europe then fees can be pretty hefty. Most debit cards charge both a commission fee as well as a flat fee to withdraw foreign currency, and credit cards can charge even more. Talk to your bank about international fees as every one is different, but a general rule is to make as few withdrawals as possible.
  2. Card payments: 

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