Carry on is Your Life: Luggage Loss Defense Part 2


Getting There

For mental prep for traveling this summer, I have been researching my miniscule in flight cabin storage accommodations and what really needs to be in the flight bag. Since in some respects I lucked out last year on the way in, I may not be so lucky this time.

Stock Up on The Personal Products

The fact is, no matter how many tiny travel bottles you fill, they will leak or barely get you through a few days. You will need to stock up. I found it was just easier to do this than be concerned with wet goopy clothes on arrival. Luckily traveling in the U.K. Before taught me a few things. Most supermarkets like we think of them, are usually outside major cities. In the cites you will have Apothecaries and Chemists like Boots. You can get most of your real needs basics here. Plan on a budget of about £/€ 25.00 to stock up.

Baggage Loss/Delay

Not a pessimist, not I. Sorry, I experienced luggage loss, excuse me, misplacement, last year on the trip home. Well, at least I got there. Problem was I had borrowed the larger case and found it to be a pure nuisance. I think the cursing and swearing contributed to the luggage just deciding to disappear on the way back. However this is really bad if its misplaced on the start of your trip.

So, you should know by now that whether you fly domestic or abroad, you should have a change of clothes in your carryon luggage. Make it three days. That is the average time that misplaced luggage can take to get back to you, and woe be you if you are immediately leaving your airport city and won’t be around. What else should you consider about this tiny bag space for carry on?

Wheels, yes. Make sure wheels are not too bulky or will catch easy. If they are bulky the airlines may default to check in as that can ad to the width.

Luggage Size
Carry on luggage is shrinking. We have been spoiled here in the Us where we insist on brazenly taking everything with us. Can’t do it on international flights. Especially if you are riding smaller planes traveling between countries, they will tag your bags and cram into the hold.

You need to pack 3 days of basic clothing in a tiny space, plus make sure you have all necessities to exist. That means all the hygiene and medicines that you must have, and it is better to carry that in your personal bag. Most flights allow you a small personal bag, however some are restricting this. If you have medicines such a insulin or any lifesaving epi pens. These you should check with airlines about as they are considered under pressure objects. Makeup, everything needs to survive the banging around you will do. Also plan to be inspected. Bring laundry soap in a pod or soap leaves as you will need to launder, especially f the main bag goes missing. Don’t forget your electronic devices and power converter, which should really be in your personal items in case they decide to put your carry on as checked.

Electronic Devices: Call the airline before you travel. The US has been restricting the laptop and phone policies for travelers coming in. Other countries may start restricting these to checked baggage as well, so call the airlines before you depart.

Hold Baggage
Hold baggage sizes for most European airlines at the time of this writing average 50 to 52 inches total width, measuring a total of L x W x H. Always check all airlines you may be flying with, including any smaller flights. Getting a bag just under this size helps you to not have that excess baggage fee. Thinking about what you really need to pack is what you need to do next. Keeping it basic is best. I found that having 3 to 4 pairs of jeans and a few more pairs of tee shirts was the mainstay, maybe one dress if I get to go to a play. Buy dress shoes there? Yes, a lot of people like to shop while traveling and dealing with less bulk may be the thing to do. What to pack, the rest of what you need. Check articles for where you are traveling to and see if there are helpful hints.

Basically, whatever you would wear if traveling to Portland or San Francisco. Layers.

Travel Tips and Hints for Packing Great practical tips on packing


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