Curry: The Spice of Life


Since my Uni days I have been a big fan of curry and Indian restaurants. Now Indian foods is not the only flavor of curry, many Asian countries have their style of curry. Japanese and Chinese come to mind. But classic Indian curry houses are quite special. And I am very excited that I will be going back to some cities that boast some damn fine curry establishments. Too bad as you get older you can’t withstand the Vindaloo as you used to. Here in America, we do have an Indian population and plenty of restaurants. However they do not compare with curry houses in the UK and Ireland. Curry and the former empire have long gone hand-in-hand in delectable delights. And especially so in port towns. So I am very excited to go and taste more curry when I return to Glasgow, for I barely touched the surface of restaurants like this.

What’s so great about curry and Indian food in general? The variety, the fact that for example a college student can fill up for flat rate at some, great buffets, clearing your sinuses, the list goes on. Oh, yeah, the taste! How do you find a good restaurant, there can be many choices? Things to look for? See how many Indian or other Asians may be eating there. Because really, here in America for example, many restaurants try to “localize” or mix the cuisine to Americanize it a bit. We want authentic dishes from all over India for example, not just one, watered down place.

So check out some of these local curry houses in Glasgow courtesy of I plan on checking a couple of these restaurants out, seeing if they clean my clock taste buds wize. Maybe if you are traveling there you can too. Let us know what you think when you try some of them out. Leave some comments if you have a favorite curry house in one of these towns.

Glasgows Best Kept Curry Secrets

And in Edinburgh Best Indian Restaurants

Dublin Best Curry Restaurants

Around Ireland

London is huge and filled with curry options, so how to pick amongst the restaurants in the  Brick Lane District? Check out below.

Best Curry Houses and Take Away


Fantastic Curries

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