Independent Scotland? Visas Part 3


As I am writing this, Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister is pushing forward for a referendum on Scottish independence. There has been much talk of Scotland’s concerns in the UK exit from the EU. Since that time, a second push for separation has been Sturgeon’s thrust.

What does this mean for a traveler? Well, as part of the UK, Scotland doesn’t have an embassy in the US. It relies on the British Embassy for the role of visas and travel control. What will happen if Scotland passes a vote for independence and needs to hurriedly set up embassy and travel visas? That’s what I want to know. Guess where I am landing in July? So it looks like it’s the year of travel nightmare as the tightening of boarders in the US now ricochets around the globe. But wait. Sturgeon is pressing for a possible referendum in 2018, but Article 50 may become a reality in a matter of days. What timelines could change in the next few months. June is already a date for nations this summer to decide visa policy changes.

What is Article 50

Blow by Blow 

Sturgeon’ Speech

What is a Section 30 Order


So, who do you talk to if a nation decides they are becoming separate from the UK after years of being governed by them? Don’t panic. The push is to go to the polls within 2 years. At least that is what Sturgeon is saying now. Changing nations policies takes time. Will a vote happen soon and what would a timeline look like? Keep reading and keep abreast of current affairs.

Scottish Independence Article

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