To Ayr is Human


Sometimes you need a break from a vacation, or touring I should say. We cram so much into our visits and sometimes get to a frantic pace just to get our money’s worth out of a visit. Sometimes you really need to plan for some down time. This trip I am planning at least three such locations to break from the city life. Last season I had tried to get to Ayr, a seaside resort town on Scotland’s west coast. Everything had been booked up, it’s one of the most popular summer escapes being just south of Glasgow. I had to take a day in Oban instead, which was lovely and fair, I had a sail around the islands and it was grand. But this season I have booked a day for Ayr. You may get a phone signal, but trying to let go and not be so dependent is the key to a place like this. Problem is I have just one day. Not that it’s huge, but what can I get to in the time I am there and is it okay to just find a place to sit by the sea and gaze for an hour or three.

Top Things to do in Ayr, Scotland

Now I am really a city girl at heart. I have lived by the ocean for a number of years and had plenty of California beaches to wander. But beaches and a different country, as well as the Irish Sea, are a very different thing. I am planning one day to just kick it and walk the seaside a bit. Can I relax this much without feeling antsy? And some wee auld places to clamber about in? Need a place to chill during all the traveling. I am told this is the place for that.

Poetry in Motion

Scotland’s famous bard Rabbie Burns was born in the area, and the Alloway Auld Kirk was the scene for a poem Tam o’ Shanter. The village is another lovely seaside resort area and of course features a golf course. Yes, they are indeed everywhere in Scotland and this one by the sea is amazing. And it’s just a few miles south of Glasgow so if you are looking for a day trip, it’s well worth it.

Burns Cottage and Museum deserves a visit. It’s a small local museum that will enlighten you to the Bard if you are not already a fan. But not to be missed is Cuzlean Castle and deer park. Get your castle passes as this one will surely make you want to tour as many castles in Scotland that you can on your visit.

Oh, and a little series that many of us like, Outlander, filmed in the Troon area. If you are interested in some of the filming locations of Scotland for series and films, check out these sites:

Visit Scotland

By Film



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