Dublin; Why I Must Live It, Even For a Day

It’s in the blood. On my mother’s side we are Irish, Scots and French. I have wanted this trip for over 20 years. Now I have an actual chance. Now to plan what I can see, and probably change my mind about what to do when I get there. The chance to explore at the moment. See what the city inspires me to do. This is why I love creating my own itinerary, I can give myself the goal of going to a place and seeing things, but leave space for happenstance and discovery. I know that Dublin will be one of those places.

Did I say I was a Fringie, a person not of the norm? That I like cemetery picnics and really odd things to do? Yes, years of university art/drama/club scene when young. Not so much into the club thing these days, but still like finding interesting things to do. It’s also hard if you are traveling alone as a woman, hanging out late night is sometimes asking for trouble. But hey, it’s light until 11 pm so that’s not so bad.


All tourists run to visit the museums, and we all should. There are so many fabulous museums in any large metropolis. I do plan to visit as many as I can, and allow for other explorations in between. Dublin has plenty, but one thing I have to go to is the Dead Zoo, or officially the National Museum of Ireland. I have always been fascinated with natural history and taxidermy so this is the place for me. I was warned this could take a huge chunk of the day. National Gallery and IMMA are also places to go, Dublin is filled with a great many museums and you could just spend 3 days doing only that. And no visit would be  complete without checking out Dublin’s favorite son, Oscar Wilde’s museum at American College, Dublin Oscar Wilde House. This is the childhood home of the author and playwright and houses a small museum dedicated to the great man. I like small museums like this because you can get a feel for how someone lived, what life was actually like back then.

I would suggest trying one or two museums a day, then try to fit in some other amazing things to do.


Glasnevin Cemetery looks like a promising spot. I had a fabulous time last year at Glasgow Necropolis and Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh. So this place will be the ticket for me on one afternoon, strolling, eating, reading a book. I have always found peaceful exploration and tombstone reading to be good. The dead do love it if you will read them a tale or share some poetry. I always enjoy reading Victorian grave sites, looking for the symbolism in the decoration and carvings for grave stones and monuments.

Trinity College Green

I have heard tell that like many a university setting, people flock to the green to sit and hang out. We did this in San Francisco, I think any city that has an expansive green will have people lying about and trying to suntan. Not that I can do that, I just burn usually. But I think hanging out on a rolling green expanse would be just the thing

Phoenix Park

Largest inclosed park in Europe, I am so there. Oh, and a zoo. Not sure I will make that, I like animals quite a bit but I am finding that zoos make me really feel bad for the animals. But the park itself sounds amazing so I will visit.


Did I say massive expanses of buildings? Dublin has a very fine Georgian collection of buildings and this particular style of architecture is one of my favorites. I can spend an afternoon just walking the streets looking for Georgian and parks and be quite happy. In fact, there is so much architecture in Dublin of many eras that you can spend one whole day just checking out buildings. There are many guided tours offered for this, and some of the travel apps include self guided walking tours.

The Creative Quarter

This area of Dublin has flourished in the last few years. It’s an area that shows that collaboration among businesses and artisans, eateries and other services can truly benefit from a collective ideal. The area is bordered by  South William Street, Exchequer Street, Wicklow, South Great Georges, Clarendon and St. Luirs. Cafes, shops, galleries, creative businesses and arcade. You could spend a whole afternoon here with friends, and stay into the night easy, or go to the adjacent districts like the Dame. I love spending an afternoon in a place like this, and the sport of people watching can be had here for sure. Strike up a convo in a cafe or pub.


The Dame District

Dublin Underground

Tripbucket – Place to gather that bucket list with interactives. And there’s an app.

National Museum of Ireland

Oscar Wilde House

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