Community Cafes for Conscious Tourism

coffeeThe  cafe. A place to contemplate politics and community. The birthplace of revolutions. Why not participate in a conscious place of birth for a worth cause?

Social enterprise is very much on the rise the world over. Community, Social Conscious or non-profit cafes have been springing up all over the world in the last 10 years with many missions. Most cafes have a general mission to help with a charity or offer training to those in need for job skills, or any other great social combinations. Whatever the mission, these cafes are not just a soup kitchen affair. Some are trendy and well peopled with celebrities like George Clooney visiting them.

When traveling, consider helping support  the  local community there by eating at a sandwich shop that helps out a charity. True, you are on vacation maybe and want to spoil yourself with great food. Why not accomplish both a good budget food choice and one that helps out? Food can be good for the soul and helping communities the world over is a powerful statement for any traveler. Besides, just think of the conversations you will have. Talk to the staff, ask them what they are about.

So when you are traveling, key in social enterprise cafes and restaurants in searches to find the local ones. Enjoy your meal.

Check out some of the cities below to see how you can help.

London’s Best Community Cafes

Edinburgh’s Community Cafes – Comprehensive map and list of cafes for Scotland’s capitol.

Community Cafes in Glasgow

Inverness Velocity Cafe – I ate here, it was a good bite and hard to get in, very popular

Around the World

Let’s Eat Glasgow – Food Festival with Food Equality in Mind

Belfast Cafes


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