Ireland Speak; Is ait an mac an saol (life is strange)

And so many ways to just say hello. They may speak a form of English, but there is Irish language and Gaelic spoken, and a mish-mash in between. And what do the pub signs mean? And how are pubs different than in America (very)?

It’s spelt Fáilte but sounds way different. And you thought Welsh was fun. Gaelic or Irish Gaelic, which has differences from Scots,  sounds much different than the letters used to spell it. Going to a site like Your Irish and listening to the pronunciation will help you to understand a bit.


We have pubs and taverns in the US, and many claim to be Irish or Scots, but not like they are in Ireland. And yes, in some places in the West women are still scowled at if they hang out in the main room, they really should be in the Nook.

I am a feminist, warning, I may just sit there and pull out a book. I am such a rabble rouser. But I will play it smart and try to observe before entering. I suppose if I bought a round, they might bend the rules.

Irish Hello

Irish Slang by Region

Don’t Forget the Gaelic(g)

Useful Irish

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