Yup, Country Relations are getting Tense

As I write this, Ireland is firing back at our president for immigration policies that are causing havoc all over the world. Pre Clearance for the US is being taken under review. I fear that Scotland, UK will all be following suit. My flights are in and out of Scotland, still technically UK and we still have good relations.

Great stress to add to anyone’s travel plans. We all want an open traveling world, to exchange ideas. But now you will need to be alert to the airports you are traveling through and to, as protests may be erupting all year at a moments notice. Well, actually the people living there may have known for weeks or months, and you just walked into it. So reading local papers online before you go and Twitter feeds for the city you are planning to visit are a good idea. Check any airport or train provider you may be using. If there will be interruptions in service you should be able to find it at their website and or local papers and online. Last year I experienced a rail strike with Scotrail, and in the UK when one union is striking, others may go out in solidarity strike with them. Luckily strikes and protests for the most part are very civilized in the UK, at least the ones that I witnessed. You just may have to adapt. It’s part of traveling.

Tensions will keep mounting over the next year and countries will be adjusting to this abrupt change in US entrance policies. Plan to allow for extra time and search for airport closures not just for the airport you are going to, but any connecting flights. So far, most airlines are re-routing and allowing for coverage or delays for passengers if flights are missed. This still may add to your travel time by several hours. Make sure you have all relevant visas prior to flight, you should do this anyway well before travel, but organize all documents. Generally if you are traveling to the UK and Ireland, your passport is your visa. Check the consulate for each country, even the day before you travel. They all are online and will have up to the date notices.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Ireland

United Kingdom England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland 


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