Itinerary for 2017 Trip; Ireland and Scotland


Traveling this year was inspired by my 2016 Scotland Trip. My plane flew in over the Atlantic and touched down in Dublin first where I changed planes. I stepped out onto the tarmac and looked at the green hills and sighed. I had wanted to visit Ireland and Scotland for over 20 years, since I first went to college. Life kept getting in the way and finally I had a chance to go, but I had to pick between the two countries. It was heart wrenching to choose, but I did. It was torture to stand at the airport and have to say, “Next Time.” So this year I have planned for one week in Ireland to visit 3 main cities. I know that I will come back from the trip and want to go for 2018 again. There is just so much to see and do.

My plans are as follows:



Galway – Arts Festival

Belfast – Titanic and GOT tour


Isle of Skye, Lewis – Standing Stones and Faerie Cairns

Inverness – Loch Ness and Culloden again, maybe

Loch Lomond

Edinburgh – Fringe Festival, Prestanpans



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