Hogmanay 2017


Hogmanay 2017 in Edinburgh

Hogmanay is a Scottish tradition where the Scots reel in their new year in festival style. The time is used for reflection, cleaning out the old, as in maybe a winter cleaning, and a lot of celebration. Massive festivals with ticketed sales are held in major cities as well as the traditional Viking type festivals in the isles. Origins come from pagan practices, namely fire festivals for winter. Yule was celebrated by the Vikings on the shortest day of the year.

The Bells rings out at midnight, toasting and traditions that many countries celebrate.

The First Footing tradition is observed as the first person to enter the house on the New Year bringing a gift, and can bring good or bad luck for the house in the coming year. Often observed with an alcoholic beverage.  Traditionally it is believed a dark complected person is good luck, while fair hair or ginger can be bad luck.

Clean Yer Hoose Redding

Cleaning out the old hearth was traditional and laying a fresh fire. People often use this time to clear out. Sounds like a tradition that has grown here in the US as the after Xmas clear out of old to make way for new gifts that came in. Clearing of old things, like the fridge for holiday food or making room for party food.

Festivals in The Big Cities

Larger cities in Scotland have massive amounts of festivities going on you will need tickets for larger festivals. Like London and other major cities around the world, there are fireworks displays, concerts, food and more. One of the best celebrations is in Edinburgh and you have to book rooms fairly early if you are in from out of town.

If you are thinking about going and trying this great celebration, book early. Like Fringe Festival in summer, Edinburgh gets very full between the holidays. I hope to try this event for the ringing in of 2018. Let’s hope it’s a lucky and prosperous year so I can do this.

Glasgow is a Musical Town, so the George Square festivities center around music and bands of course. But there is a lot on that is for all ages and budgets. Check out this site New Years Eve Blog to see what may be in store for next years festivities.


George Square, Glasgow


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