Only 8 Months

Ah, just eight months and I may be in another country again, on a short 3 week political asylum jaunt. The new regime coming in the White House has me not sleeping well at night and I confess that planning a trip to escape and talk to some sane people outside of the US is keeping me with my feet on the ground.

Dublin. Well, there was a big plan back in the Uni days to visit this amazing city. Back then life kept getting in the way. Now I feel it is life to get out into the world, away from the US for a bit. I wish it could be longer. The other bucket wish for doing a semester abroad keeps tickling my fancy. I always wanted to do that, but not being a trust fund baby there was never the money.

Why Ireland? Such an amazingly beautiful place I have wanted to see since high school. Roots mainly, wanting to see why drove my ancestors to leave such a beauty. Famine for some relations, the 16 for another. Living in the hugeness that is the US, being lucky enough to live on one of the coasts, being open minded about wanting to see how my fellow Irish live back at the root of all things. It’s an amazingly beautiful place, and yes it’s as green as they say. Flying over it twice, barely touching the ground at the airport was torture. I vowed I would go to it the next time. I have booked flight and secured rooms. I am going to do this. That is if life doesn’t explode again. I plan to walk and crawl all over whatever I find interesting. The excitement of getting to a new city to explore, how to best approach it. I will take the approach I did in Glasgow, walk the parks first day and see what’s in between, the bridges as well. Then I will go to the attractions I suppose. I guess I am weird, not typical American Tourist. I really don’t like doing the tours with groups of others. I would rather adventure about and discover as I go. I have rented a serviced apartment again, live amongst the natives and experience their city with them I hope. Hate hotel stays unless necessary. I feel they separate you from the people.

Only 8 more months to wait. Here’s to nothing really bad happening again this year, or the next.


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