Ireland ?

It was pure torture having to sit in Dublin airport twice and not being able to explore. Ireland had also been on the list and choosing between the two had been tourturous to say the least. When I climbed onto the plan to Scotland on the tarmack I inhaled the air and looked at the green. I become quite sad. Th incoming plane had swooped down over the famous emerald in a floating speed that just mesmerized you. Pictures never did justice to what little I saw. I vowed if I could get back, I would, and this time take at least a week in Dublin, Galway and Belfast. Then I came into a small inheritance upon return and started planning a trip that would do an amazing crazy 8. Staring in Glasgow for a few days, hop to Dublin and beyond.

Stay tuned as I plot and plan this amazing trip that I am determined to get to or die trying. The ticket is bought, it’s buying the Euros and Scottish pounds next we go.

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